For F Horn & Fixed Media

2021     |     5'45"     |     Med-Advanced
    French Horn / Fixed Media

Peter Bement, Horn

Program Note: 

This piece was commissioned by my wonderful friend, Peter Bement. Not only is he an amazing horn player and soon-to-be wind band conductor, Peter also happens to be a very avid fan of space, space travel, and the greater beyond.

In our first meeting about this work, Peter and I had settled upon the phrase, “The gravity that pulls us towards tomorrow.” In spirit of combining Peter’s interests and celebrating his accomplishments and transition to a new and exciting branch of his career, I combined the sounds of the sun’s gravity and the radio emissions of Saturn’s rings from several NASA catalogues with electronically augmented horn samples.

What eventually came forth was a sort of fanfare, covered in a dark ichor of anxiety but yet still pulled forward by unseen but heavily felt forces, punctuating both and ending and new beginning.

With much love,
-KD 5.2021


Premier - May 14, 2021 at the California State Fullerton, School of Music Recital Hall