(i am becoming) shades of myself

For Mallet Quartet

2021     |     c. 8’     |     Medium

    2 Vibraphones | 2 Marimbas (4.7/5.0)

Program Note: 

(i am becoming) shades of myself  comes from a sense of exploration of self-identity. It is so simple to become caught up in the swirling masses and energies of one’s environment, and sometimes it’s worthwhile to take a few moments to reflect on how these experiences take effect, if at all.

This work was made possible by the 2022 Southern California New Works Initiative and the wonderful supporters of new music.

Digital world premiere featuring Shelby Blezinger-McKay, Eric Whitmer, Jacky Nozuka, and Andres Morales


Digita World Premiere - to be premiered by Southern California Marimba, Spring 2022*