Just After Four

Multipercussion Duet

2018     |     c. 10"     |     Medium     |     Perusal Score
    Mixed Multiple Percussion / Found Objects

Program Note:

Just After Four is a representation of the erratic thoughts, panic, and anxiety that one experiences during a mental break down

     I. Formation -  is based on the first stage of an anxiety attack where intrusive thoughts begin to infiltrate and deteriorate the already unpredictable mental process. 

     II.  Decision -  represents the mental and emotional toll that comes from processing the weight of anxiety. Slower and heavier than before, this section features a wide selection of unorthodox sounds and instruments, with each representing a different thought or emotion. 

     III. Resolution - is a sonic meditation that invites the players and listeners to think introspectively about their current state of mind or being, as one would in the catharsis following mental collapse.  Here, players are encouraged to experiment with instruments and timbres that could help the performance become more personal, and may similarly be supplemented by antiphonal percussion placed around the venue and throughout the audience.

Just After Four is dedicated to a very close friend who passed in July of 2017. News reports state that there was a man standing on train tracks failed to yield to an oncoming train because he was wearing headphones.

This accident occurred just after four pm.


Premier - April 15, 2018 - Kristian de Leon and Anthony Gilleland @ Cal State Fullerton, School of Music