Brain Curry

For String Quartet

2020 | c. 6'40" | Advanced
    2 vln | vla | vcl

Program Note (and Tasting Guide): 

Brain Curry is a three-course tasting meal featuring a trio of Thai curries in various colors.
A tasting guide has been included for convenience:

     I. Red - A classic blend of sweet, savory, and spicy herbs and aromatics. Much of its robust flavor profile comes from a mix of red chilis and sometimes tomato paste. Red curry features a complex and rich palette that varies in intensity with a balance of natural flavors.

     II. Yellow - A less spicy and far more rich alternative to red curry, based instead in turmeric, cumin, and mustard seed. Coconut milk plays a large role in contributing to this curry’s natural thickness, mild spice, and overall sweetness.

     III. Green - Fresher and sweeter than the other flavors due to its main ingredients of fresh cilantro, lime, and lime leaf. However, the inclusion of particularly tiny yet potent young green chilis may make this curry burst unexpectedly with pops of heat.

All curries will be served with a light side of fresh steamed rice and the service will conclude with an offering of light desserts.


Premier - May 2, 2021 - The JACK Quartet @ NYU Steinhardt (YouTube Concert Stream) 

May 14, 2021 - JACK Quartet (video restream) @ Cal State Fullerton New Music Festival