32 - 44,000 ft.

Solo for Marimba & Electronics

2021     |     6'45"     |     Med-Advanced
    5.0 Octave Marimba / Fixed Media

Performance and Video recording by Eric Whitmer, at Vanderbilt University

Program Note: 

While in flight, passengers become disconnected and are finally faced with the unhindered thoughts and internal conversations usually drowned out by the constant connection and stimuli from the world below. This new liminal space that exists for only a short few hours lives at 32 - 44,000 ft.

This piece was commissioned by Eric Whitmer, a fabulous percussionist and fellow new music nerd, and will be premiered through the 2021 So Percussion Summer Institute.
-K.D. 6.30​

This piece utilizes live-electronics processing through a Logic Pro X session. A Live Session for Ableton Live will also be available for performance. See score or contact for more details.


Premier Stream TBD  - via the 2021 So Percussion Summer Institute