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Missed MEssages

2019     |     c. 10"     |     Advanced     |     Perusal Score


tpt / a. sax / tbn / pno / perc: crotales, vibes, kick drum

Program Note: 

Missed Messages is a mixed quintet for trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone, piano, and percussion. The work is inspired by alternative spaces and methods that messages can be sent or received. The work is in two movements:

  • I. Coded - a chaotic fanfare inspired by Morse code, using dense repeated rhythms to send messages between performers. The movement also uses multiple extended techniques and has sections of free improvisation to illustrate the abstract space that is occupied by digital communication.

  • II. All in your head - an exploration of the conscious and unconscious mind where thoughts are formed and more often than not, never expressed. The movement explores the soft and cloudy textures found in bowing a piano with acrylic yarn, accompanied with several other extended percussion techniques.


Missed Messages was commissioned by my good friend and fabulous trombonist Jordan Wainright for her second Graduate Trombone Performance recital at the California State University, Fullerton, and was to be premiered in the Spring of 2020. However, due to pandemic restrictions, the premier has been cancelled. 


c. 9-10' 


score preview


Premier TBD. 

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