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Kristian de Leon is a Brooklyn-based composer and percussionist

who writes colorful, imaginative works that explore the “in-betweens”

of Classical music. In his work, he specializes in an avant-garde,

theatrical style that focuses on demonstrating the physical weight of

sound in sonic space and the interactions that may come as a result. 

Recently, he has begun to explore multimedia performance and 

presentation, engaging in electro-acoustic and live visual synthesis to 

accompany his compositions, particularly in his most recent work for

electric string quartet, dance, tape, and dynamic stage lighting, 



Kristian has written for a number of premiere performance artists 

and ensembles such as JACK Quartet, Bergamot Quartet, Hypercube Ensemble, Transient Canvas, and the CSUF Wind Symphony. He also has worked closely with individuals and organizations, including Southern California Marima and Brooklyn Motion Capture, to create new works for different mediums ranging from traditional concert music to experimental live sound design

Kristian is currently living in Brooklyn, NY with his obscenely large house cat, Bagel, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Percussion Performance from California State University, Fullerton, and a Master’s Degree in Music Theory and Composition at NYU Steinhardt under Michael Gordon, Shelley Washington, and Robert Honstein.  He is also a proud Rustic Percussion Artist (, @RusticPercussion on Instagram). 

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