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A comfortable love

2022   |     c. 7'    |     Medium  


Soprano Sax | Electric Guitar | Percussion (Inside Piano) | Piano 

Hypercube Ensemble

Program Note: 

When asked about their favorite color, a great and dear friend of mine Ryan Nicholson responded:

“My favorite color is a comfortable love [...] It’s how I feel knowing I’m loved and cared for by those most important to me. But it’s not just love for a significant other; it’s love for friends that I would do anything for.”

A Comfortable Love, is a love letter to many things, particularly our years-long dedication friendship and the many, many wonderful moments we have shared in that time. Further, this love letter is a greater meditation on ‘comfortable love’; a welcoming of memories as they come and pass, enjoying them in the moment and looking forward to their return.

-KD 3.2022


Digital Premiere - May 9, 2022 | New York, NY

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